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 Covingtons Holiday Menu

Order deadline for Thanksgiving is November 24, 2014 and pickup on November 26 before 2 PM
Order deadline for Christmas is December 20, 2014 and pick up December 24 before 2pm.


Pecan Pie $13
Buttermilk Pie $14
Pumpkin Pie $12
Sweet Potato Pie $12
French Silk Pie $20
Key Lime Pie $20
Cheesecake $35
Pound Cake $23
Italian Pound Cake $35
Red Velvet Cake $35
Chocolate Cream Cheese Cake $35
Pineapple Cream Cheese Cake $35
Strawberry Cream Cheese Cake $35
Brownies Dozen $18
Lemon Squares Dozen $18
Blondies $15
Cookies by the Dozen $9
White Chocolate Macadamia
Chocolate Chip
Oatmeal Raisin
Order deadline for cakes is December 17

Breakfast Items

Whole Quiche $13
9x13 Sausage Strata $19.50
Cinnamon Rolls Dozen $5.50
Pigs n’ Blankets Dozen $8.50
Mini Quiche Dozen $8.50
Mini Ham Biscuits $7.50
Muffins Dozen $9.00
Cranberry Orange


Whole Turkey $35
9x13 Chicken Divan $22
9x13 Lasagna $22
Baked Ham with Pineapple $10 lb
9x13 Chicken Pot Pie $21
9x13 Chicken & Wild Rice $27
9x13 Seafood Casserole $38
9x13 White Sauce Chicken Parmesan $26
9x13 Chicken Tetrazini $27
4X6 Chicken Divan $12
4x6 Lasagna $12
4x6 Chicken Pot Pie $11
Whole Grilled Beef Tenderloin
With Breads & Spreads

Complete Meal


Serves 8 to 12

This includes :

Whole Turkey 10-12 lbs.
9X13 Cornbread Dressing
9x13 Green Beans
9x13 Sweet Potato Soufflé
Pint of Cranberry Relish
Quart of Giblet Gravy
Dozen Yeast Rolls
Choice of Pumpkin, Sweet Potato, or Pecan Pie

Salads & Finishing Touches

Quart of Broccoli Salad $8
Quart of Pasta Salad $8
Quart of Giblet Gravy $5
Pint of Cranberry Relish $5
Dozen Yeast Rolls $5
Pound of Shrimp Salad $15
Pound of Chicken Salad $12
Pound of Tuna Salad $13
Whole Congealed Mold $15

Side Dishes

9X13 Cornbread Dressing $15
9x13 Sweet Potato Soufflé $15
9x13 Green Beans $17
9x13 Squash Casserole $20
9x13 Tomato Casserole $18
9x13 Macaroni & Cheese $17
9x13 Broccoli Casserole $18
9x13 Broccoli & Rice Cass $18
9x13 Cranberry Apple Soufflé $20
9x13 Twice Baked Potato Casserole $18
9x13 Mashed Potatoes $15
9x13 Butter Beans $14
9x13 Green Bean Casserole $18
9x13 Seven Layered Salad $18
9x13 Creamed Corn $15
9x13 Wild Rice with Pecans $15
9x13 Apple Cheese Casserole $20

4x6 Cornbread Dressing $8
4x6 Green Beans $8
4x6 Sweet Potato Soufflé $8
4x6 Creamed Corn $8
4x6 Butter Beans $8
4x6 Mashed Potatoes $8
4x6 Twice Baked Potato Casserole $9
4x6 Seven Layered Salad $8
4x6 Macaroni & Cheese $8
4x6 Green Bean Casserole $8
4x6 Tomato Casserole $8
4x6 Broccoli Casserole $8
4x6 Squash Casserole $10

Warming Instructions

All orders are sold cold and ready to bake.
Please bake all casseroles at 350
degrees until bubbly approx. 25-35 minutes.
Turkeys only need to be warmed and sliced.
Cornbread dressing needs to be baked until desired firmness approx. 45




prices subject to change and we cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of these prices